Assorted Gosanko Chocolate CreationsAs a wholesale chocolate company, Gosanko Chocolate Art has found its success in creating sculptured, solid gourmet chocolate candy for a large number of national clients since 1987. We have revived the old world art of sculpting and the manufacturing of workable moulds, and have received national acclaim for these accomplishments. .

Gosanko Chocolate Art is made exclusively with the award winning chocolate of the Guittard Chocolate Company that uses European methods and a special blend of rich, handpicked cocoa beans.

We are more than just a chocolate company to buy chocolate wholesale. We are a chocolate company where you can buy gourmet chocolate for every season, holiday or special event. We offer the retailer, businesses, organizations, etc., numerous selections, and custom creations. Our molded Guittard chocolate is also available to the consumer at our retail outlet.

Gosanko Chocolate Art’s gourmet chocolate creations have many uses. They make unique and unusual gifts, are used by businesses as custom promotional items and corporate gifts, and organizations for fundraising ideas, and much, much more. (Retailers seeking a good wholesale chocolate provider have even commissioned us to create their own custom molded chocolate merchandise.)

Bite into the silky smooth taste of our milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate creations, and you will agree with all chocolate lovers, that our gourmet molded chocolate art should be first on everyone’s list. From specialty chocolates, realistic wildlife sculptures, wedding chocolates, chocolate roses, corporate gifts, holiday chocolates, custom promotional items, fundraising ideas and more, Gosanko Chocolate Art has found its niche in bringing gourmet chocolate candy to life!

Gosanko Chocolate Art is a chocolate manufacturer that has added something more to the wonderful world of chocolate. We’ve created . . .

"The Great Taste of Fine Art"

Our Product lines include themes such as Signature Fish, From the Sea, Northwest, Foil Fish, Sports, From the Garden, Patriotic, Down on the Farm, Everyday Chocolate, Little Ones, Wedding, Novelty Box - Animals, Novelty Box - Sports & Misc..
Our Holiday offerings include Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Special Uses for Gosanko Chocolate Art:

Use our gourmet chocolate creations as custom promotional items for your company, for your fundraising ideas for your organization, unique gift needs, and more.

Custom Promotional Items

A unique way to market your business image or corporate logo is with Gosanko Chocolate Art’s Company Signatures. Imagine your corporate logo engraved in gourmet chocolate and individually packaged for unique business gifts, custom promotional items, or anything your mind can dream up.


Gosanko Chocolate Art can offer your organization ideas for fundraising activities that are individualized for your group or activity. Our creative fundraising ideas include chocolate baseball bats for Little League to a variety of chocolate goods for your school.

Unique Gifts

For the person that has everything, Gosanko Chocolate Art offers unique gifts from business corporate gifts, unique wedding and anniversary gifts and even chocolate fish and flowers. These are truly unique and unusual gifts that you will not find anywhere else.