The hands and heart behind the chocolate!

The hands and heart behind the chocolate!

Welcome to Gosanko Chocolate, where a passion for exquisite flavors meets the finest craftsmanship in the heart of Washington. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of this beautiful state, Gosanko is dedicated to crafting a symphony of delectable chocolate experiences that tantalize the senses. At Gosanko, we believe in more than just creating exceptional chocolates – we strive to curate moments of joy and indulgence. From our signature truffles to our seasonal delights that capture the essence of each passing season, our creations are designed to delight every palate.


With a heritage deeply rooted in the art of chocolate making, Gosanko prides itself on blending tradition with innovation, resulting in unparalleled, handcrafted confections. Our journey began with a commitment to sourcing only the finest ingredients, ensuring each chocolate creation tells a story of quality and authenticity.


Amidst this growth, Gosanko has remained true to its roots, maintaining a steadfast dedication to sustainability, ethical sourcing, and community engagement. Our expansion has not diluted our commitment to quality and integrity but has amplified our ability to bring the joy of fine chocolates to an ever-growing audience.

Our Love For Sweets

Since its inception, Gosanko Chocolate has embarked on a remarkable journey. What started as a passionate endeavor to create exquisite chocolates has blossomed into a renowned establishment, revered for its dedication to quality and innovation.


As we continue to grow, our vision remains clear: to be the epitome of chocolate craftsmanship, delighting customers with each bite and sharing the artistry and passion that have been the cornerstone of Gosanko Chocolate since its inception.